Sunday, September 08, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Writing Circle Shenanigans

I was misheard in a noisy pub so instead of “friends’” they thought I said “French Wedding”.
Bonjours, Aujourd’hui nous sont ici pour le mariage de Gareth et de Gemma
I spoke more loudly and clearly when it was my turn to give a reading
Which made me think my choice to refer to pubic hair could have been better

1. Number 187 of 365

2. This is a true story that occurred in a pub with members of my writing group. If I remember, when I get around to posting the piece I read out I'll link to it here, pubic hair and all. Mine was not the most embarrassing piece to read out loud in a public place.

3. The French is what I scribbled down, which is close to what I blurted out when asked about it being a French wedding. It's not good!
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