Sunday, September 01, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Rizzoli and Isles

An acrostic review of this American detective TV show. Perhaps most notable for it's two female leads and being set in Boston, it left me finding two words beginning with z to work for number 151.

Really what differentiates this show, apart from two female leads,
Is the way it shoehorns in comedy subplots so the tone
Zooms from gritty serial killer investigation to family crisis joke with
Zero notice. Jane is hunting down a multiple murderer
Or such but gets called down to her Mum’s cafe where a
Lady is giving birth to her brother or nephew (This
Is an actual event in an episode)

Anyway it entertains me and the mystery of the week aspect is
Not as bad as many crime shows. The interplay between the two leads
Defines it, I guess, as their respective competences and

Insecurities in the various fields lead inevitably to the
Soap opera style B-stories with happy endings and/or
Lamentable cliffhangers. You know,
Even now I can’t sum up; is it good or does it
Suck? Maybe it’s a bit of both, I guess.
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