Sunday, September 01, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: The Surgeon

Acrostic review of Tess Gerritsen's novel The Surgeon, a companion piece to this. Number 153.

To be honest I read this because it said “A Rizzoli and Isles mystery”.
However, that’s not true. Although it introduces Jane Rizzoli
Entirely absent from the novel is Doctor Maura Isles.

Similarly, there are no comedy elements and the family stuff is
Understated to a mere sliver. It’s basically a fairly
Regular serial killer police procedural thriller that Tess
Gerritson imbues with some gritiness, localisation and the
Entire untalked about world of women who have been attacked.
On the one hand it’s not like the TV show; on the other it is
No worse than most and better than many crime thrillers.
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