Saturday, November 28, 2009

Conversation of the Week

We join Miss S in the middle of a fine rant denouncing sexism:

Miss S: ...The only difference between boys and girls is that males have an Y chromosone in place of the one of the female X chromsones. Everything that isn't on that chromosone is identical.[1]
Pupil J: That's not true Miss. Boys have a meat-and-two-veg, while girls have a pineapple.
[Momentary silence]
Miss S: A pineapple? What makes you call a woman's bits a pineapple?
Me: You know Miss, I'd rather not know.
Miss S: You're probably right Sir.

[1] I should note that Miss S has a degree in biochemisty and is better informed than me about the embryological differences caused by the expression of the sex associated genes, and has a good overview of the gender differential cultural pressures in modern society, but when dealing with a bunch of bolshy 13 year olds has to skate over the thornier subtleties of non-mathematical topics. As of Friday afternoon Miss S is also the most recently qualified teacher in the country. Yay!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Marking Fun

You can have too much fun marking exams! Rather than overload you with the avalanche of hilarity that comes with it, I'll just give you one example:
The Hexagon had a bigger aria

Ah, the Geometric Opera, that well known Euclidean masterpiece.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Long Distance Ursine Commuting

Me: Hey! Stop it! Don't barge [Pupil A] into the wall!
[Pupil A, but another A*]: But sir! She said I was a bi-polar bear!

I immediately thought that that is one hell of a migration for something the size of a bear, and wouldn't that kind of long distance movement be highly visible?

My second thought was clearly that this was a bear which swings both ways.

Finally this is a bear which is sometimes Grizzly.

The internet has some other answers.

* It's confusing, but there were two pupils whose names began with A were involved in this incident.