Thursday, October 12, 2006

The only information on Star Wars anywhere on the internet.

Having finally got around to watching the last bit of the Star Wars sextet[1] I hadn't seen (the first two-thirds of Attack of the Clones, if anyone is interested) I'm still left not knowing the cover story of why the separatists rebelled against the Republic[2]. This, of course, is how it should be; AotC and RotS are mostly seen through the view of Anakin (who's not really interested in politics), Obi Wan (the closest he comes to caring about politics is to state that he doesn't like politicians) and the droids (??!?).

Additionally, it never really makes sense why Sidious is trying to kill Senator Amidala - no, scrap that, it's because she would be replaced by Jar-Jar Binks, and after the hard work of plotting to overthrow the Republic he'd add some "comic relief". Anyway, there was slightly too much talking and not enough action already, so on balance I'll give this minor complaint a rest.

[1] Or sexology as we might call it if we were feeling a bit smutty.
[2] The Trade Federation had previously displayed it's opposition to taxes. The closest Count Dooku gets to a political statement is unhapiness with the corruption of the Republic. Obviously the whole thing is a set-up, but wouldn't it be obvious that it would be more profitable to bribe a corrupt government to ignore owed tax than, for example, spend all your money and resources on a desparate war? Or: is this really the best cover story that Darth Sidious could come up with?