Friday, September 27, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Mystery Mentor

Michael Villefort, you make me so sad
When you trained me, it was to my detective skills we wanted to add
I didn’t realise my personality should also be bad
Should I brood over crimes until I run mad?
Or spend all night drinking and smoking with the lads?
Or have an affair with someone as old as my dad?
Surely these tortured investigators are a fad
Although I admit I treat feelings roughshod, like a cad.
But I’m happy because solving mysteries is rad!
Let’s not argue; I’ll visit you in a tad
After I finish my trip to Islamabad
(It’s the case of the missing tiger gonads)
Lacey Lee
PS I’ll bring back a carpet to replace that one you had.

Lacey Lee responds to her mentor. Is she being ironic using the word rad, or is she stuck in the 90s? Number 243.

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