Tuesday, September 10, 2013

365 Poems in 365 Days: Scary House

This, number 191, I discarded unfinished and instead wrote Jonathan Clean for my creative writng class back in the spring. It really needs another verse or maybe two and some tidying up. But here it is anyway as it's too hard, depressing and uninteresting to make more of this. I'm sorry.

This is not a place to be alone
So if you’re frightened then go on home

There’s a scary old house at the top of the hill
Sometimes you can see the windows light up at night
To join the club there’s a challenge to fulfil
Go up there and don’t take fright
You can get in the garden around the back
Then sneak through the shrubs to the cellar door
Jiggle the handle if you’ve got the nack
You can go through and see some more

Some kids knocked on the door on Hallowe’en
Tricking and treating or just on a dare
The door opened to show the best costumes they’d seen
But something about it told them to beware
The witches and ghouls had sharpened their teeth
And the bowls of treats were slugs and spiders
Although I know it defies belief
The biggest witch swallowed them inside her

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