Thursday, January 01, 2009

It's 2009 And You're Welcome To It

It's another New Year. Is there no end to the bloody things?

Frankly the Christmas season has gone on too long. I've spent so much time talking that I don't have any new conversation, jokes, observations or gossip, and all my emergency small talk has run out. And I can't get out and away and recharge for a few hours as it's dark 16 hours a day and freezing.

None of that would be so bad, except this is supposed to be the time of year to make resolutions. Well, I've run out of ideas. All I want to do next year is sleep, and maybe walk down to the bay and throw stones at the sea. That's ambitious enough. It's the wrong time of year anyway; resolutions should be made in a spirit of hope, when you can actually see the rebirth of the year, not in the dark depths of winter. Why do you think that this list from last year is full of silliness, and the only one I got anywhere near doing is the one that involves sitting watching a TV screen?[1]

Anyway, my resolution is to put off resolutions until the Spring Equinox. I'll make some for the Summer (involving me doing things while sitting in the sunshine will be favorite) and some for the year (and maybe some will be even longer term if my seasonal optimism cycle has swung enough) and then again in the Autumn I'll make some for the Winter (hopefully stuff that I can do sitting in the warm) and so on and look at progress.

So here's how I'm starting 2009; by procrastinating. Feel free to join me! I'd arrange a Spring Equinox Resolution Multual Encouragement League for anyone who makes them, but frankly I don't have the energy at the moment.

[I should probably note that I've written and scheduled this in advance and am probably having a good time in a pub, or at least raising a glass of wine to the TV and enjoying being a misery in my own smug and ironic way. It's earlier (when I'm writing this) and later - the 2nd or 3rd, when it's all over and I still never see the sun - that the down-after-the-holiday sledgehammers me in the head. But until then Yay! New Year! Have one for me!]

[1] There are 5 drafts dating from before 2008 still there. I intend to combine three of them into an unstructured multi-part post when I stop feeling so depressed just looking at damn things.
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