Sunday, January 04, 2009

"Unfortunately we are compelled to ask, who is Stan Roberts and what the hell is he doing in my tree house?"

"Unfortunately we are compelled to ask, who is Stan Roberts and what the hell is he doing in my tree house?" has been a title in search of a post since October 2007. I'm now going to waste it by using it to dump a bunch of links, half-written posts and half-thought out bits all in one go. It'll make me feel better anyway.

From August 2007, some news stories:
Hitler's Champagne

Brian May hands in thesis 30 years late.

Following on from Hitler's champagne there's some swastika labelled beer.

Also from 2007, a text message from Caitlin:

Just finished a night sail, beautiful phosphorescent dolphins riding our bow, happy caitlin

(Didn't have anything to add to that and still don't)

From April 2008 the imdb list of killer bee movies (From memory there were two less when I looked in April, which is probably due to imdb people tagging more movies rather than a new set of killer bee movies being made. Killer locusts seem to be the insect monster of the moment)

From May The World's Largest Military Hovercraft.

Also from May, Flicks of Shame, or why serious actors end up in silly (horror) films. This grew out of Heckler and Kochk and our obsession with appreciation of Hilary Swank.

That's almost everything up to June last year. Other lessons learnt from 6 months of email: Youtube Duels are always inconclusive; People will steal your Valentine's Day date given quarter of a chance; and that (Drink) + (underwear) = generic Gene Hunt insult.

That's close to 50% of outstanding things dealt with, when you include everything deleted or shoved into email storage. It's close enough to finishing off last year that I will probably do some 2009 blogging, although it may be just as rambling and incoherent and may still be multi-topic, link heavy and content light. Start as you mean to go on, that's what I say.
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