Sunday, January 04, 2009

The Most Famous Ship In History

I've seen 2 BBC programs in the last week which called Titanic the most famous ship in history. Well, perhaps. Do you think we can blame the film? (No, not A Night To Remember) I will; I've not seen it. Anyway, some other famous ships that might challenge it for fame:

The Bismarck
The Cutty Sark
The Mary Celeste
The Beagle
The Victory
The Bounty
The Endeavour
The Golden Hind
Queen Anne's Revenge
The Mayflower
The Mary Rose
The Santa Maria
The Argo
Noah's Ark

Also the Vasa, although as Dad and I could only remember it as "that famous Swedish ship that sank" maybe it's not quite famous enough. Have I missed any famous ships? Or is there a non-quite-famous ship you want to promote through my single figure readership?


Susan de Guardiola said...

The Lusitania?

The Rainbow?

Susan de Guardiola said...

(continuing on the literary thing)

The Dawn Treader
The Black Freighter

Susan de Guardiola said...

The Mary Ellen Carter!

(I'm in UR blog talking to MYSELF!)

Susan de Guardiola said...

(back to history)

The Edmond Fitzgerald

Susan de Guardiola said...

(which is not so famous that I got the spelling of its name right...)

Neil Willcox said...

On the Facebook version I got a number of responses which I summarise here:

(Some sort of injoke I'm not privy to)

Sovereign of the Seas?
SS Great Britain?
HMS Hood?

My Brother gave his top 10:
Yellow submarine
The Argo
Golden Hind
The Beagle
The Titanic
The Mary Rose
The Adrea Gale
Pride of Calais

Starship Enterprise and any of several Klingon Birds of Prey?

(By not naming any Klingon ships I think he has shown that none of them are famous)

Jim (again):
The Adrea Gale? never heard of it!

[Jim's surname], they made a film about it.
Google is your friend!

And since we'd gone fictional with the Yellow Submarine, then I addd USS Sea Tiger from Operation Petticoat

Sorry about having to talk to yourself; for some reason i don't monitor the comments at 0300 :)

Susan de Guardiola said...

You must never sleep! You must comment 24/7! We are IN UR BLOG making MAD COMMENTZ!

(Can you tell my sleep last night was of the <3 hour quantity?)