Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Yesterday Was Another Day

You know, the Fimbulwinter comes and it's dark for seven years most of the day and I forget. I forget that the world isn't cold and lifeless and dark. I forget that not everyone is cynical, because it's better than brooding, or brooding because it's better than depressed. I forget that there are people who take things seriously, because it's not all a bitter joke. I forget there are people who aren't waiting for the next damn thing to come and bite them, and because they aren't they haven't armoured themselves against it. They are still vulnerable and can still be hurt. I forget this.

So here's what I suggest: if you love someone, tell them so. If someone has done something nice, say thanks. If someone deserves something nice (or even if you just suspect they may one day perhaps deserve it, if you're brooding or cynical at the moment) then do something nice for them. And if you've hurt someone (and what the hell did you think this post was about?) say sorry. Even if you're not in the depths of a Northern Hemisphere Winter.

So pick from this list whatever you like. I'm sorry. I don't know about nice, but here's a Bawdy 1970s Hospital. I may not say it to your face, but I do love you. And thanks!


Susan de Guardiola said...

Hey, I can talk fairly privately here!

Your post made me sad because it's a good idea and I wish I could do it.

I can't tell someone I still love them because then I move into the Creepy Stalker Chick category, which I refuse to be in.

I can't tell them I'm sorry for the general circumstances because I can't figure out a way to phrase "I'm sorry you decided to lie to me about important health matters and thus made it necessary for me to break up with you" that actually sounds apologetic, even though it's quite true that I am very sorry about that entire situation, since it's made me thoroughly miserable whenever I have a free moment to think about it, which is why I try not to have any free moments or, um, thoughts.

(It all boils down to "I'm sorry you're such an a**h***," which is not exactly tactful even by my low standards.)

And I can't, in fact, do anything, because the person in question told me not to contact him, having gotten pissed off that I had the nerve to ask for his test results to spare myself waiting for months to get tested myself.

So, paralysis. It sucks. Not talking to someone is the worst thing in the world.

Thank you for listening. No response necessary; what can anyone say? Sorry about the over-sharing.

(Okay, that was too much free time, now I'm thinking, and it sucks. I'm going to go do some fast, distracting dance research now while working at both day jobs...)

Neil W said...

For reasons partially explained in the post I've been generally rude and bad tempered and then in trying to lighten the atmosphere accidentally offended a friend. So I apologised properly to that person and then wrote this that I thought they would appreciate and at the same time tell all the other people I'm probably not treating fairly because I'm not fit company at the moment.

You're right though, there's nothing I can say. But listening I can do. (Checks list) Thanks! I seem to be short of nice things. How about a scan of Batman - babysitter?

Susan de Guardiola said...

That Batman scan was hilarious! I love the comments, especially on the coloring/fading problems. Batman does in fact look like he's shirtless and has a bat tattooed on his chest! And the pink Bat-logo!

Thanks for the giggle.