Friday, January 04, 2008

Things to do in 2008

So with the New Year come New Hair-Brained schemes. What did we come up with over the Christmas period?

1. To go out around the country looking for superb curry houses[1]. We know people in most of the great curry capitals of England (which are most of the big cities as it turns out) so we can get local guides. A complex scoring system filtered through a simple normalisation process will allow us to fairly compare curries taking into account Stan's prejudices everyone's preferences. Have now created a Facebook Group to avoid doing anything about this.

2. Watch more musicals. This despite the success of White Christmas at Christmas film night; Jim asks "Why don't we burst into song and dance as we go about our lives?"

3. Find out the recipe for cooking a fish in a dishwasher[2]. Unless your dishwasher is nearly full when you cook it it could be a bit wasteful. Or is it to poach a large fish to be eaten cold later, in which case you cook it when the dishwasher's full anyway? Well, these sorts of questions show why I need the recipe.

4. Go to Bletchley Park. Don't ask difficult questions about Alan Turing. As it turns out a friend is going this weekend anyway! Grr. She can ask them about Turing.

5. Deal with all the unfinished drafts I have for this blog.

[1] Jon suggests just going straight to the Brunel Raj Clifton, but that may miss the point.
[2] Or "fish-washer as it will be known afterwards.
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