Sunday, January 11, 2009

Jim and Stan's Big Wine Adventure

For a short but hilarious while in the past I would write adventures of Jim and Stan in 3 scenes. For Christmas I briefly resurrected this format as Jim and Stan's Big Wine Adventure[1]

Jim and Stan's Big Wine Adventure, in which Jim and Stan travel around various wine related locations in an open top two seater vintage sports car, in 3 scenes

Scene 1
Outside The Bottleneck [2]
Jim: This should be good!

Scene 2
Inside The Bottleneck
Jim: 13 bottles of reasonably priced wine please. And for you Stan?

Scene 3
Jim's Flat 13 minutes later
Jim: I really love you Shtan. You're my besht mate.

[1] Riffing off James and Oz's Big Wine Adventure, a BBC program in which motoring journalist James May and wine journalist Oz Clarke drive around various wine producing regions arguing and occasionally learning wine facts. This youtube clip from the start of the second series gives a bit of a flavour of it.

[2] The Bottleneck is not only just at the bottom of the hill from Jim's flat, but he worked there for a while and is well known to the owners.
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