Friday, January 23, 2009

Hijinks Ensue

Christ on a crutch, what's wrong with me? I've had to point two more people at versions of this due to generally being heartless and stupid[1] and looking at the blog it looks like I'm just putting my appointments online. It's clearly time for a change of direction, namely what happened in the pub last Friday.

I was explaining to a friend how I'd identified her use of "I see" as a non-committal response for everything from not wanting to answer straight away to avoiding saying "you're an idiot"[2].

"I wouldn't call you an idiot" she said.

"I know, you'd say 'I see' instead" I said. "If say I put forward a plan to have Jim race his car around the one-way system by being towed by zebras, rather than say 'You're an idiot'..."

Jim interrupted "You say race my car being towed by zebras. Who would I be racing?"

"Um... maybe Dean with his car being pulled by llamas?"

"Hey Dean!" says Jim. "It's a race! My car being towed by zebras, yours by llamas!"

"Like a chariot race? Great!" says Dean.

Anyway the moral of the story is be careful of examples of you being an idiot, as you may end up making an idiot of yourself. Anyway, got to go; I've got to source half a dozen zebras and llamas and the harnesses for them...

[1] Am I thoughtless because I'm an idiot or am I an idiot for being thoughtless? Is the difference worth worrying about?
[2] As a general rule it's best to point out verbal tics only to close friends, the sort who greet you by collapsing partly onto the sofa and partly onto you or whatever measure you use for closeness of friendship.
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