Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I forgot to put the rubbish out and overslept. This afternoon I have to convince a headmaster over the phone that I can tutor (or "mentor" as they call it) mathematics to kids who have difficulties with it.

It's the headmaster part that gets me; 15 years after leaving school and having met several headmasters (and mistresses) socially the idea of picking up the phone and asking for the head teacher still makes me cringe inside.

Maybe I'll ask for him by name.

(Phone call precreation:
School Secretary: Hello, [schoolname].
Me: Hello, my name is Neil W, can I speak to [Head teacher's name] please.
School Secretary: The Head Teacher?
Me, cringing inside: Yes please.
School Secretary: He's expecting your call. I'll put you through to The Head Teacher.
Me, muttering like a sulky teenager: Thanks)
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