Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I Dump More Emails Into The Blog

Back in June, I did something for the summer solstice. Did I cook? And then we watched Calamity Jane? I forget. Still, here's a bit of the planning that went into it by email:

Having suggested time, day and location, we still needed to decide the dresscode.

Jim: Can we dress up as hippies?

Me: Well I can.

If all your clothes are too smart*, we can always make movie night into tie-dye night.

*"He'll be the one in a suit"[1]

Jim: A tie-dyed suit? Formidable!!

Claire was more concerned with the entertainment:

Claire: Oh forgot to mention I shall be attending the soirée this Friday. Will we have a replica stonehenge to dance around?

Me: I'm not sure we'd got so far as planning,,, um... anything. But I'll draw a design for stonehenge on a napkin. [2]

Fortunately Paul was just enthusiastic:

Paul: Sounds good Neil.

I’m looking forward to us having a quantum of summer solstice

A full set of email groans went up in response.

[1] The first time Jim went to Glastonbury Festival, one of his co-workers told her daughter to watch out for him on TV. "How will I spot him?" she asked. Jim always dresses to give off an air of professionalism at work, so the co-worker replied "He'll be the on in the suit."
[2] The Stonehenge sequence from This Is Spinal Tap. Jim for some reason thought that some sort of Rick Astley hitwould be more appropriate.
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