Wednesday, August 29, 2007

This Week's Monkey-ish Midweek-ish Business

Because I often introduce myself by saying "I'm the Dandy Highwayman who you're too scared to mention", here's Adam Ant to explain how to do it properly. Because I'm long and pretentious, here's Guns N' Roses doing the same thing. Because I resisted putting the final scene of Flashdance up last week, I'm not resisting Kenny Loggin's Footloose[1].

And because Youtube is there: Rocket Man as done by William Shatner, and Rocket Man as done by William Shatner done by Stewie Griffin. Of course the best William Shatner site is here.

Long (a full issue) scan of the Warren Ellis / Darick Robertson comic Transmetropolitan; possibly the best, certainly the most meditative of the run; NOT safe for work; Another Cold Morning. (For those of you coming to it blind; Spider Jerusalem is a journalist, and this issue is essentially one of his pieces).

I continue to mine Wondermark for amusing and short cartoons, in this case about the curious intersection of insurance and giant dogs; and using up the internet resource that is Superdickery, a handful of panels that don't look as innocent as they probably did when they were published, mostly about Batman.

Something serious and interesting; satellite photos of the Greek Fires. You can see the smoke, and they've outlined the fires for you.

Now all I need is to find something monkey related and we're all done here. Just one monkey thing on the internet. Could be anything. Doesn't have to be interesting or funny. Just monkey related. So here's two things to make up for lack of quality and the fact you've almost certainly seen it before a hundred times on late night adverts-from-around-the-world TV shows.

[1] Unanimously rated superior to Dirty Dancing by a small section of my brother's friends after going to Clarkey's wedding.
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