Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday Six (again)

In what experts are calling "lame", I've missed my Friday deadline again. Still, let's go:

Song: Boy named Sue, Johnny Cash. There are still people who haven't heard this song. In fact I happened to be with one last night, when Matt Spall recited it as a poem, and they nearly fell off the sofa at the punchline.

Book: Altered Carbon, Richard Morgan. Altered Carbon came out of nowhere in 2002, bringing a breath of life to what cyberpunk had become; it was the novel that The Matrix should have been. Recognising this Joel Silver, a producer of The Matrix, bought the rights for enough money to let Morgan quit his job and write full time, for which he earns himself a dispensation for the worst of his film production career; the best of it speaks for itself.

Film: Saw v Saw II. I don't like horror movies when I'm not expecting it to be a horror movie (which makes sense - the whole thing about horror is that it invades your life whether you want it or not), but I was in the mood to see what they did with a sequel to Saw. So anyway, in each case the film is built around a secret; something hidden that casts all that's gone before into a different light. In Saw II, it comes in two parts, each of which is sufficient to explain the events of the film, but only one of which sets up for the second sequel (Saw III). Still, Saw II is a complete film in itself, which is better than the "Make one stand-alone film, then create connected sequels" model that Hollywood economics are encouraging at the moment.

Food: Bacon Sandwiches. Mmm, bacon sandwiches.

Wild Card: Someone at a website statistics site puts their analytical skills to work on the Red Shirt Phenomenon from Star Trek, including variables such as if there is a fight, and whether Kirk pulls.

Bonus: The kind of clock that only Stan could love.
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