Friday, August 31, 2007

Seven Wonders: Pre-Introduction

An irregular reader suggested a series of posts on the Seven Wonders of the World. Not bad, I thought; I can make some kind of point about them being a choice at a particular point in time, for a particular set of (political) circumstances; I can tell you the trivia about them that I can remember, look up or that gets shown to you when playing Civilization, so I'll look pretty informed; and only one of them could possibly be a phallic symbol[1].

Boy was I wrong. Wikipedia shows that not only do I not know anything about the Seven Wonders, but neither does anyone else. Who came up with the list and when is revealed several times in the article, and it's different every time. Have to do some actual research on this before I can even write the introduction.

The Wikipedia article has changed and been split up since I first looked at it earlier this week, just going to show the questions surrounding this issue (or maybe some kind of edit war is going on; when I have time I'll check the discussion page).

I like a challenge, me.

[1] Two[2] of them look a bit like breasts though. Which is a good number for breast-shaped objects.
[2] Or four, which works too.