Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Monkeys in the Middle of the Week. Doing Business.

So what do I have in my grabbag for this iteration of Midweek Monkey Business? Well, If you like Susanne Vega, and/or poker (and who can that leave out?) then here's the video to No Cheap Thrill, a Suzanne Vega song about poker[1]. If you're in the set of people who don't like Suzanne Vega or poker, you probably like cheerleaders, so here's a different song; one I danced around to on my 30th birthday as it happens.

If by chance you're at the far end of the cultural curve, and haven't yet found anything you like, you almost certainly love cartoons, so here's Bob the Angry Flower explaining what to when the New Futurama comes out; from Superdickery[2] Superman's most redundant power (as explained below the panel); and Wondermark gives us everything we ever needed to know about cats and the internet (don't forget to hover the mouse pointer over for extra bonus punchline).

If none of that tickles your fancy, it might be that this is more up your street; Therapy Blend Coffee. Or perhaps a joke about leadership (extended version). Or, conceivably, you might want today's fact: the collective noun for unicorns is a blessing.

If you didn't like any of that, and you're still reading, then presumably you want something monkey related. Loosely related. Very loosely related. Jonathan Coulten is a singer-songwriter, who was able to quit his day job by giving his work away for free[3] over the internet. As part of this, there was a competition for fans to make videos for his song Code Monkey (also, there was a remix competition). There are several on Youtube; amongst my favourites are the Code Monkey Dance; this straight telling of the story in the song; an inevitable WoW version (and a remix version with more fire, explosions and roaring); and the even more inevitable Harry Potter video.

[1] But is it also about anything else? First one to note a subtext in the comments wins
[2] A site dedicated to pointing out that Superman is a dick.
[3] Under a Creative Commons license, obviously.
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