Sunday, August 19, 2007

Sunday Six

Time races on at the speed of, um, time, and here we are on Sunday already. Without further fuss, here is the supercharged version of Friday Five I like to call Sunday Six.

Song: Hold On, K T Tunstall. I've previously spoken of my excitement at K T Tunstall's new album, but one of the singles has got onto Youtube. Watch as the video changes styles and genre, following the theme of the world turning whether you're ready or not. And just for Jim, the final scene is K T Tunstall putting on a hat. Does everyone know what the K T stands for? Yes? Good.

Book: Ash: A Secret History by Mary Gentle. It starts as a historical novel, slips into secret history, then the genre slide quickens and it moves into alternate history, fantasy and finally comes to a halt firmly in science fiction, leaving your head still spinning. Also: much high medieval/early renaissance warfare. But is it any good? My god it is.

Film: The Quiet Man. The film is filled with clich├ęs and stereotypes about rural Ireland (including an important plot point when the Dublin train is four and a half hours late). Maureen O'Hara's hair is that extraordinary red you only get when Technicolor combines with industrial grade hair dye. John Wayne does some acting (but doesn't put on an Irish accent, mostly). There are a couple of lovely shots, and much nonsense, but worth it just for the line "He'll regret it till his dying day, if ever he lives that long".

Food: Special fried rice. How do you get the bits of egg into the rice? Well, beat an egg or two, throw them into a wok, stir a little, but allow them to become an almost set omelette (aside: woks make good omelette pans). Then throw in a handful or three of cooked rice, and stir it all up. Finally throw in vegetables, prawns, chicken etc. depending on how special you want it to be, all precooked with garlic, ginger, chinese five spice, soy sauce, a bit of chili and rice wine or sherry, or white wine, or even Pernod if you like.

Wild Card: Slightly old (by which I mean a month ago), but interesting; John Rogers on scripting Isaac Asimov's Foundation.

Bonus: Cliff Richard on rollerskates. No, really. It's the video for his 1981-ish hit Wired for Sound.
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