Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Midweek Business for Monkeys

I've shot off all the things I can remember or had bookmarked but hadn't bothered to tell anyone about, so this weeks Monkey Business is as fresh as fresh can be. To me that is. Unless I've slipped in some really old things I reckon you've forgotten about. Tell me off in email if you spot any of them; mentioning it in the comments would just embarrass me.

Firstly: There's no conceivable Barbarella trailer that wouldn't be funny. Sadly, the real one is only quite funny. From the department of "old" songs with strange videos, there's a blast from 1984; Nik Kershaw's The Riddle.

If you aren't sure who Galactus is, BeaucoupKevin makes sure we know. Fans of Nextwave[1] may be pleased to know that Aaron Stack (don't call him Machine Man) is now appearing in the comic book Ms Marvel[2]; some scamp on Scans_daily has scanned in all the pages in which he appears. Obviously this is fair use, as otherwise there would be some kind of copyright issue. And from The Pain - When Will it End, Science Vs Norse Mythology.

Also, we have my favourite clothing supplier (sit and watch the pictures change) and John Scalzi on the world's latest and greatest Internet Meme Game.

And some monkey/tiger Youtube action. Who will win? Who? Who? Monkey Vs Tiger? Who will win? Etc.

[1] I don't want to know if you aren't. Seriously.
[2] Um.. really. Sorry.
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