Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Midweek! Monkey! Business! For! 22 August!

Well, it's Wednesday again, so here are the sunken treasures I have plucked from the murky waters of the internet:

On Youtube, a video for Jonathan Coulton's song Ikea[1]. To celebrate commemorate Elvis' death Heartbreak Hotel off the TV in 1956. And just because, here's a Carlton Draught advert that rips off parodies the end of FlashDance. (If you want the actual end of Flashdance, to noone's suprise it's on Youtube as well).

To commemorate celebrate H P Lovecraft's Birthday, here's an unlikely mash up of a Thomas Kincaid picture with Cthulhu, taken from the Making Light post The Dream-Quest of Pooh Corner (which is well worth reading all the way down the comments).

Cartoon fun: This illustration from Wondermark warns us of the dangers of falling asleep; Navigating the whole remembering name minefield from XKCD; and an old Warren Ellis Edison Hate Future (probably the first one).

Gorillas are apes rather than monkeys. As far as I can tell, no one has researched the impact of putting monkeys onto the covers of comics, but it's well known that a Gorilla on the cover improves sales. So here is an example to hide the fact I have nothing monkey related in this post.

[1] Due to the "make your own video for Jonathan Coulton's songs" project, you can find other videos for this song if you look hard enough.
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