Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Beer Festival Predictions

As requested, here are my predictions as to what will happen at the Great British Beer Festival:

Dave will be late.
Dean will be late.
Hell, lets go out on a limb; everybody will be late.
There will be many hats.
Someone will sit on their own hat, crushing it beyond repair.
Someone will get ill (remember - it's always the 13th pint that's the bad one).
If Jim turns up he will have a pink beer, or a fruit beer, or something else that looks a bit girly.
Stan will insist on having a sip of everyone's beer so that he gets to try as many as possible.
Dave will be photographed not holding a pint.
Dean will stroke his chin and say Hmm. Actually, everyone will do that.
I will insult everyone with my predictions.
I will buy vast quantities of pork scratchings if the pork scratching stall is there this year.
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