Friday, August 10, 2007

The rule of Five, on Friday

I feel I'm running on empty a bit today, as I've been a bit unrestrained idea wise this week. Still, let's see if I can find five things which I still have something to say about.

Song: Your Love Alone is Not Enough Manic Street Preachers. The Manics have always had poppy songs, but there's something odd about this. The repeats of lines and half lines whether they really make sense, the easy structure and (relatively) accessible lyrics make me feel that this is in someway a commentary on pop songs, rather than a pop song itself. Maybe I'm reading too much into this[1]. It could just be that Nina Persson's Swedish flavoured English puts me in mind of Roxette and ABBA - bands whose fluent English lyrics always had a twist because they were coming from people used to thinking in a different language.

Book: I've already put my Giblet of Fire thoughts up, so instead, let's try The Atrocity Archives by Charles Stross. Lovecraftian Horror meets Deightonesque Thriller, plus computer hacking. This is especially timely as CASE NIGHTMARE GREEN is due next month, although due to publishing and writing schedules it's apparently a movable feast and we won't reach final Götterdämmerung until 2012. The sequel, The Jennifer Morgue, is Lovercraftian Horror meets James Bond Thriller. Resist if you can.

Film: Young Frankenstein. Mel Brooks' horror comedy is all the bad film versions of Frankenstein with jokes! What more can you ask for? (He later made Dracula: Dead and Loving It, which is an almost scene-by-scene remake of one Dracula film or another, except Leslie Nielsen breaks things and does everything wrong etc. just like in the Naked Gun trilogy). Here's a scene from Young Frankenstein. Also - Abby Normal!

Food: Beer. It's liquid bread you know.

Wild Card: Something Political.

[1] Although I may not be; the Manics have no fear of being pretentious.
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