Thursday, August 31, 2006

Unlikely Links (4)

American Political Parties. It's actually really interesting. Not the two at the top, but all the rest. Find out about how the Communist Party of the USA had to transform itself when the USSR stopped funding it (no, really, it was being funded from Moscow). Learn about the history of the American Socialist Party (their candidate for President picked up 6% of the vote in 1912). Confuse yourself between the two US Green Parties. Ask yourself whether the American Nazi Party think they're impressing anyone.

Once you've finished looking at those wacky Americans and their quaint political parties, don't forget to look up the political parties of your country (a quick google gives this list for the UK).

[I have a half-formed idea about ideology as aesthetics and politics as an art project which will probably never see light here; there are many strands forming this thought, and the many different pages and ways of displaying political parties are feeding several of them]