Sunday, August 06, 2006

Stan and Vas on holiday Part 2

From Stan's lightly fictionalised Journal

Friday August 4

I don't know why I thought Brussels was boring, everything here is amazing; the food, the drink, the cafes and restaurants are so good that I think I'll explode; chips with everything, beer with everything, lots of cream and chocolate (Vas likes it here too), the seafood is really, really good even for a capital city; the people are friendly, and more than willing to overlook our outrageously bad french; the architecture's cool, from the Grand Place with it's gothic City hall and antique guildhalls, to the Atomium - real Retro-Futuristic Modernism there - but it's the plethora of Art Noveau buildings make the whole city really good to look at; Museums everywhere including a musical instrument museum (who knew?), a beer museum and art galleries of all types - even a comic strip museum; there's that fountain of the little boy who stopped Brussels from burning down, or something, but hey, I guess if a little boy urinating has turned into a major tourist industry, who's having the piss taken out of them; anyway, not even time to draw breath, we're cycling on towards the Netherlands next week, so got to make the most of it.

[I was trying to get a breathless sense of enthusiasm here, which I don't think worked. It really needs to be about three times longer, and actually one stream-of-consciouness sentence, rather than using semicolons to replace full stops. I'm keeping it as an interesting failure.]