Thursday, August 31, 2006

It's not all that important is it?

Interesting and Important blogging is going on even now. People are discussing peace plans for the Middle East and Sudan. Speculation on when Tony Blair will leave Downing Street is happening. Nuclear v Fossil Fuel v Sustainable Energy comparisons are occuring. The results of this years Hugo awards are being dissected. The question of ball tampering is being asked. Pluto's demotion to 'dwarf planet' is spawning comment threads. Flame wars are heating up over whether Captain Jack Sparrow's inevitable resurrection will be cool or lame.

Which makes me feel a little trivial, when the burning question at Night of the Hats is:

Night of the Hats: singular or plural?

(This comes from the post "Letter from our reader", where we're plural).

I mean, it's just me. Even when I quote, or put up other people's stuff, Night of the Hats = Neil; that's why I put other peoples material as quotes. It's not like the Parker blog, which is explicitly collaborative, even if all the posts so far have been by me. It's not a mouthpiece for an organisation, and it's not incorporated as an entity.

So why do I feel I ought to refer to it as a plural?
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