Thursday, August 10, 2006

Blackberry Ripple Ice Cream


A Bowl of Blackberries surplus to requirements
Some left over blackberry juice from last nights blackberry compote
Some Sugar
A touch of Crème de Mûre Sauvage
A tub of vanilla ice cream

Take your blackberries and boil them with a little water until soft. Mash them up.

Strain the fruit mixture. You can get proper jelly bags and frames and stuff, but we always use an old tea towel held onto an upside down stool with safety pins. Let the juice strain through for at least an hour. Stir and poke the pulp occasionally until you get bored, or have got out as much juice as you think is needed. Get the vanilla ice cream out the freezer.

Boil up the juice again, with a little sugar. You don't need too much as vanilla ice cream is sweet and the blackberries are going to cut through it. I boiled it for 5 minutes, but I think I'll use more blackberries and reduce it for longer in future to get an even more intense blackberry flavour.

Leave it to cool for a while. Stir in a glug or two of the Crème de Mûre Sauvage. Pour carefully onto the vanilla ice cream, then stir it to get the ripples. Refreeze.

This is a work in progress, as I think you can get more blackberryness into it. There may be updates as the blackberry season progresses.