Saturday, August 05, 2006

Parker Episode Guide

Parker 10 episode outline:

1. "Pornography"
(Pilot. Full Outline to be posted later.)

2. "Girly Night"
(Concept (role reversal) and main joke(s) ready)

3. "The Fallopian Tube only goes as far as Stockwell"/"What is the fear of vaginas called?"
(Have to check my notes)

4. "Dance Fight!"
(See also West Side Story and numerous music videos, most recently the Zutons)

5. "The unwanted houseguest"
(Everything is in the title here)

6. "Written Entirely by Jim"
(As I've noted elsewhere, I'll need to see some scenes written by Jim before I can write this properly. The plot will probably involve lard, hats, booze and bikinis that look like normal underwear[1])

7. "I love it when a plan comes together"
(I'm blank on this, other than the reference. Was this someone else's idea?)

8. "Stan"/ "That's all very well but where are my trousers?"
(As I recall, a fairly flimsy plot, revolving around Stan's trousers going missing.)

9. "Round the Horne"
(Recycle old radio show sketches. Kids won't know that it's stolen. Yay history-less youth!)

10. "The Wedding"/ "Jump the Shark!"
(The wedding was added last night. The plan for this episode was to break the situation so badly that no second series was conceivable. Then we would try and conceive a second series[2])

Jim suggested that there should be a dedicated Parker Blog. This would be a collaborative effort, allowing everyone to post ideas, jokes, and scripts and then be commented on. In the pub, this sounded a brilliant idea. Back at home, I now think that I'll take no action until either:
  1. someone else does something that should be a post;
  2. people complain to me that they want a Parker Blog; or
  3. someone else sets it up, at which point I will cross-post everything to it.

(Jim was thinking of trying to film something over the Bank Holiday Weekend and thought that this might speed up scriptwriting)

Comments on either the episode outlines or the Parker Blog idea are welcome, and, if you are one of the usual suspects, required.

[1] Or possibly underwear that looks like a bikini
[2] Without using "But it was all a dream..."

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