Thursday, August 31, 2006

Stan and Vas on holiday Epilogue

When this blog was starting up a month or so ago[1] I advertised new posts with teasers or bits of nonsense sent by email. Here's the collected Stan and Vas on holiday journal trailers.


Vass and I are going to Belgian, which is where the buns come from. We caught a ferry and got on a choo-choo train. I kept shouting "Choo Choo" and everyone found it funy, except Vass. We had to change trains in Leeds, except, it's spelt "Lille" apparently. I couldn't understand anyone in Leeds as they had really thick accents, so Vass had to do the talking. This trip is really funy, althou Vass didn't find it funy when her bike fell over and all her stuff fell out of the panyers, but I found it funy. Vass is not talking to me at the moment.


Vaz'es Mum asked Vaz to get some Beljan Chocylates for her. Vaz bought lots and lots for her Mum which I thought was really nice of her.

Saddly, when we came to pack them there was no room in Vaz'es panyers. I offered to put them in mine, but Vaz then realised that the chocylates would melt and bounce around and get damaged, and wouldn't be nice for her Mum. "I guess I'll have to eat them" she sed, looking really saddly. "I'll help!" I sed.

"No you won't" she sed.


I've lerrned to wriite in Nederlander, which uuzed to be caaled Duutch, buut thaat waas juust becauuse Engerlanders thouught the Duutch were Gerrmans. Vaas is not immprressed with mi Nederlander speelliinng, und saays I'm juust wriiting very baad Engerlander.

Vaas is so wronng.


My bottom is being qwite bad. Vasz thinks it's becos I ate too much zowerkrowt, but that's rubish becos zowerkrowt just gives me windypops. I blame the nobvursts, or maybe all the sosages I ate.


Tooday we saw some Germans. We could tell they were Germans as they woor Leather trowsers, called Ladies-hosen, and hats and braces and were drinking beer and eating sosages and invading Poleand. Vass ses this is a stereo-type, but it was'nt, it was a live Oom-pah band.

[1]In internet time, this is nearly two seasons.