Monday, July 26, 2010

Blogiversary IV

4 years ago today I started this blog. To quote from my initial post:
Hopefully, this blog will never have anything of interest in it, and, even if I make a mistake and it does, only three people will ever read it. Which begs the question of why I'm doing this.

It's good to see that I've kept fairly closely to my initial concept. The only difference is that as some posts get crossposted to Facebook, more than three people read some of them. Anyway, here's a few highlights:

The Trial Part 1 and The Trial Part 2, which I think are still pretty funny, although they have been overtaken by recent events.

This apostrophe challenge.

The following post tells us the origin of the Spring Bank Holiday.

I criticised a Tarzan novel.

There's a series of posts about that scourge of the sealanes, piracy, beginning here.

I woke up next to a copy of a Ken Hom recipe book.

I created a sitcom called Stan and the fag machine.

I found a Tom Clancy spin off novel on the train. And read it.

I've had a go at bibliomancy.

I made In The Style Of French Onion Soup for a dinner party.

My brother became the future love messiah.

I began to put up some stuff from the Secret Diary of Major Squick.

I reread the James Bond novels.

Plus apologies, pop music, books, food, and the odd fairytale. Now on to year 5.
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