Sunday, July 25, 2010

A Non-mediocre Post

So blogging software allows people to become followers, in an attempt to make blogging more social network-y, in accordance with the usual plan:

1. Make blogging more social network-y
2. ?
3. Profit!

Slightly surprisingly this blog has followers, and, in accordance with the rules of social networkiness, I've tracked them back to their blogs[1]. This lead me to this post on Men to Avoid, which is uncomfortably familiar, especially number 4:

4) see's life as a Broadway musical (the guy who breaks out into song at any available moment, asks you to announce him before he enters rooms in a 'non mediocre' way; and thinks the best way to avoid an argument is to sing a ballad from the Pirates of Penzance). You will always be the supporting role in his life, or even an audience member with season tickets - not to mention the associated stress of attending to such a 'huge talent'.

Uh oh. Christal A aka is an Australian and as far as I know doesn't know me or any of my friends but that's worryingly spot on.

[1] This probably is called re-following or something. I may ask the 14 year olds I work with to explain it to me.
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