Saturday, December 29, 2007

What I Found on the Train

Look what I found on the train home last night! It's number 8 (or VIII as the by the same author page suggests) in Tom Clancy's Op Center series (mostly written by people who aren't Tom Clancy). Is it any good? Let's take a peak inside at Chapter 1:
..."I just wanted to wish you well. That's a remote, hostile region you're heading into."

That dialogue is a bit clunky, a bit info-dump, and unnecessary info-dump at that as the prologue has explained in detail the dangers and difficulties of the region in question (Kashmir). Still, lets see how Tom Jeff continues:

Rodgers clasped Herbert's hand and grinned. "I know. But I'm a remote, hostile guy. Kashmir and I will get along fine."

Ah. It's the setup line for a joke; it's not a clunky info-dump, it's a clunky introduction to allow one of our characters to (re)introduce themselves! Phew.

As an in-joke to anyone who's read the first couple of chapters, here's a music video (not the version mentioned in the book, which only seems to have left ambiguous traces of it's existence on the internet):