Thursday, July 27, 2006

Nothing of Interest Here

Hopefully, this blog will never have anything of interest in it, and, even if I make a mistake and it does, only three people will ever read it. Which begs the question of why I'm doing this.

Essentially the reason is: currently, to clarify random ideas that I find, am shown or make up, I write it down or type it up. Then I email or tell my friends about it. Most of it is nonsense. But the process of writing it has focused the ideas and given me some writing practice. Which is all good.

It doesn't work when there isn't an audience.

Rather than having to read my emails to find out if I've put an invitation to dinner at the bottom of a message about the Morecombe and Wise breakfast sketch and why I don't watch Stargate Atlantis, the time dependent messages will go by email, and the stuff that noone really needs to see can go here.

Also I'm in the middle of trying to write a story and messing about with this has nicely prevaricated away the morning.

Less self-referential analysis and more brocolli in the next post.
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