Friday, December 26, 2008

The Secret Diary Of Major Squick 5f

We join Major Squick at the end of this series of diary entries. To recap, he has been ordered into the hills in disgrace, to patrol for bandits. Having caught them by dressing some of his troops as local women he returned only to march his cross-dressed troops past the Governor and the Rajah. With both he and his fellow officers thinking his career is over, he meets with the Colonel...
23 J__ 18__

My luck has not run out! The Governor and the Rajah are both of the Modern Persuasion and thought that an irregular female militia would be just the thing to discourage banditry. After all the men are scattered about the fields and forests all day, while the women are concentrated in the villages, and able to form a reaction force.

The Rajah has requested that I be sent on secondment to take advantage of my hands-on experience with female militia to raise a battalion in his own state. For the 12 months I am there, I will be given the local rank of Major-General. The Colonel and I have agreed that it is best for all concerned if I keep a discreet distance from the regiment for a while. I will even wear local uniform which tends to the gaudy side.

I am sure the remaining members of my family that accept correspondence from me will be pleased to learn that I have achieved general-rank, even if it is only in the forces of a native state. For myself I can hardly believe it. Only when I am immersed in my new role, and in my outlandish costume, will I feel General Squick.

The Rajah has perhaps been inspired by Lakshmi Bai, who had a bodyguard regiment of women; nevertheless it apears that the Major, or for the moment, the General, has fallen on his feet. More Major Squick in the New Year.

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