Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Secret Diary Of Major Squick 5e

Against the odds, and my expectations, Major Squick has succeeded in capturing a group of bandits. However, it looks like there will not be a happy ending...
22 J__ 18__

It seems the luck that has supported my military career has finally run out. I had hoped to make a discreet entrance to the compound with my irregularly uniformed troops. However the Governor of M__ and the Rajah of K__ were inspecting the regiment as we arrived and we had no choice but to march past them. The Sergeant-Major turned so red I thought he might expire of apoplexy.

Someone has left a loaded pistol on my desk. I must have a word with the adjutant to encourage the officers to be more careful with their personal arms.

I see the Colonel first thing tomorrow morning.

Major Squick is oblivious to the meaning of the loaded pistol; that he should (metaphorically) fall on his sword.

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