Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Secret Diary of Major Squick 5c

We rejoin Major Squick when the obvious flaws in his plan become apparent to him - slightly too late for him to do anything about.

19 J__ 18__

My plan has gone terribly wrong! The bandits have abducted the men disguised as local women before they reached our ambush site. We waited until well after sunset, thinking that they were delayed, being unable to march at their usual rate due to their feminine attire. Eventually we backtracked and discovered that the cunning bandits also engaged in daylight robbery. My tracker suggests that the bandits cannot know the error they have made; the attack was over so quickly my men were unable to get their rifles out of the baggage, and, unlikely as it seems, the disguises continue to fool them. One of them seems to have kept his wits about him, and has been leaving clues to their travel. At first light we will follow them and hopefully find the bandits in their camp.

Major Squick has once again been too imaginative. I can't believe that this will end well.

(Major Squick begins here; link to all of Major Squick here. )
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