Friday, September 14, 2007

Why Warren Ellis doesn't like Facebook

Warren Ellis doesn't like Facebook. This is fair enough - he's hardly their core audience (although a quick check shows he has 805 friends, and there are 252 and 74 members of Warren Ellis is the Internet Jesus and Warren Ellis' Holy Slut Army respectively) but it's quite interesting why.

Take for example this post of his, about how he finds new music on the internet. Essentially he goes to the Piccadilly Records site where they rip 40 seconds of every new release, then tracks down anything he's interested in. One of the places he tracks is Myspace. As every band on the planet[1] has a Myspace page with 4 free tracks to listen to, it's a good resource.

Since Mr Ellis[2] is interested in finding people with content, or at least an really shiny surface, Facebook with it's gossip-oriented networking system is not as useful to him. He wants to be networked with people who are creating stuff, and Myspace is much better for that. Those of us with no useful skills or talents will continue to use Facebook, and never come to his attention. Thank god.

[1] In this case meaning every band who have a release at Piccadilly Records
[2] The Love Swami
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