Tuesday, September 11, 2007

17,000 Generals

An article in The Sunday Torygraph[1] revealed that since Labour came to power, £2.3 Billion had been spent on consultants for the Ministry of Defence. This is the same cost as 51 Apache Helicopter Gunships, One Aircraft Carrier or the salaries for 17,000 Generals[2].

It's clear that the situations in Iraq and Afghanistan are unlikely to be improved by adding 51 Apaches or an aircraft carrier into the mix; 3 brigades of generals would at least give plenty of scope for a docu-soap of some sort[3].

At fault here: The Sunday Telegraph

(Introduction to this series here)

[1] Which Jim confusingly referred to as The Nazigraph.
[2] I should note, as I did in this conversation, that these consultants do useful work; it's not money thrown away or just going missing. This is however the opportunity cost of the consultants fees.
[3] I believe that some South American and Sub-Saharan African nations have experimented with the "Many Generals" force structure, although traditionally they have preferred to stick to the "Many Colonels" design instead.
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