Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Midweek Monk-y Business

Wednesday is halfway between Sunday (here expressed by The Velvet Underground) and Saturday (interpreted by Jim's favourite chanteuse, Whigfield) so I call it "Midweek". If you aren't keen on my choices, as an alternative, you might also look at this song by The Sundays, or this excerpt from Saturday Night Fever.

As ever I've plundered the usual suspects for amusing cartoons; digging yourself your own hole on Wondermark; a Not Safe For Work commentary on Science from BeaucoupKevin; and an off-beat one-gag eight-page Tom Strong story on scans_daily.

As always I'm the last person in the world to report on goings on on the internet; nevertheless, I'll mention that Stephen Fry has a blog. The best commentary on this comes, as always, from Warren Ellis.

And as for Monk-y business, here's more Youtube of Shaolin Monks doing that whole Kung Fu thing (the bit where one of them spins a thing under him while bouncing up and down on his buttocks has to be seen to be believed, although the amateurish editing reduces the credibility).
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