Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Amateur Theology Moment

There are many advantages to being a lapsed Anglican - you don't actually have to go to church; you can follow your own spiritual instincts without worrying about becoming so heretical you have to find a hipper vicar; and if you find yourself in a household that expects you to go to church on a Sunday[1] you can go without embarrassment[2] or having to excuse yourself - but occasionally you find yourself with a theological question and no one to discuss it with.

Like now: If God is a trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit, why is it that it was the Holy Spirit that came to Mary to conceive our Savior? And why is the Father called the Father then?

It's not that there aren't answers to this, it's just I'd like to know which are the orthodox answers and which are "out there".

[1] They exist
[2] After all, you haven't actually broken with the church, have you?
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