Sunday, September 16, 2007

Lobsters and Obscenity

There was a banner at the France Namibia Rugby World Cup Game so rude that I'm not going to repeat it, even in the original French. But is this yet another symptom of the 21st Century? Once upon a time the coverage of a foreign sporting event would have been controlled by a local television producer with the commentary added by the broadcaster in the various countries it went to. This banner was so rude that I'm not sure that even a French director/producer would put it out over the air. If I'm right, and it's being put together by a non-Francophone production team, than every broadcaster (nation) is getting all the camera feeds and putting together their own show. Which is definitely a bandwidth-heavy 21st Century Event.

But that wasn't what I wanted to talk to you about. What I wanted to do was enlighten you on how to select Lobsters. If you're ever fortunate enough to be offer a selection of Lobsters, you should choose the ugliest one; the one with damage to it's shell, barnacles, even seaweed growing on it. Why? A Lobster that looks clean and nice is one that has shed it's shell recently. It hasn't grown into it. It's flesh is less dense, and there's less of it. An ugly Lobster has had it's shell for ages and fills it, getting you more lobster-meat.

Mmm... Lobster...
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