Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Midweek Monkey Busyness

Wednesday again. Wednesday is halfway between Monday (represented by The Bangles and Fox Mulder) and Friday (here expressed in song by The Cure) and I thus call it "midweek".

Last week I mentioned the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotations; here's one they associate with Literally, a Web Log devoted to misuse of the word "literally". No. really.

Want to watch all the music videos Queen ever made, but don't have time to search them all out? Why not watch the video to The Great Pretender? Also the Extended Version with Queen messing about while being made up as transvestites (Queen? Cross-dressing? There must be some kind of joke to make there).

And I look at this every now and again (that Gellar's voice is the weakest just adds to the strength of the song).

Wondermark tell us how to respond to accusations of sleeping on the job. The Pain has greeting cards that we all need. Monkey Fluids has an amusing cartoon about scientologists that will almost certainly gain some not-safe-for-work comments.

And almost seriously, John Rogers, comedian, comicbook writer and screenwriter, has a blog called Kung Fu Monkey; a TV pilot he's working on has been greenlighted at short notice[1]. Here's his posts on the process so far:

Pre-Production Day 9-13
Pre-Production Day 6-8 (edited)
Pre-Production Days 3-5
Pre-Production Day 2
Pre-Production Day 1

Shall I crosspost to Parker? I'll think on it, as I've got to write up all my posts until Monday and then release them on schedule when I wander next to a computer with internet access. Anyway, Shorter Rogers: "filming is like building a house in a week while crazy people run around inside the construction site".

[1] Shorter than usual.