Sunday, November 25, 2007

Sunday Six (Just About)

Song: In honour of Jim's movie night, I present the classic masterpiece that is Fountain of Wayne's Stacy's Mom.

Book: I only just started it, but in Hannibal Rising, the unnecessary prequel to the other Hannibal Lecter novels, the stone outside Lecter Castle in Lithuania is called the Ravenstone. Hmph. It now sounds like the Ravenswood stories are some kind of cheap rip-off, or amateur tribute. Well, that's an improvement for sure.

Film: Hero. Not for the gorgeous design with colour-coded alternate versions of the stories that it's made up of, the extraordinarily kinetic martial arts or the whole Chinese propaganda elements; I mean watch it for that, sure. It's here because I have the story of why it's "Quentin Tarantino presents Hero". Apparently Tarantino hears that an American studio have bought the rights to put out a English Language version, and are trying to work out how to edit it for US audiences. Tarantino, who has his own sources for Asian cinema, tells them not to be so stupid, but to release it as it is (with dubbing for people who can't be bothered to read subtitles). Hmm, say the studio executives, who are personally responsible for the small, but still multi-million dollar, budget for this release, we could do that, but say Quentin, would you mind if we put your name on it as some people who might otherwise be put off will go and see it. Tarantino agrees (does he get paid? How much? We don't know) and the rest is history. Or histories as it turns out.

Food: Last night I made a smoked Mackerel pie. Simply fry up some lardons, onions and carrots, make some cheese sauce, combine with the smoked mackerel in a pie pot, then roll out some pre-prepared pastry. Easy!

Wild Card: The most interesting video explaining the essential unity of moebius transformations; if you aren't big into math, this film will show you some of the "Ah, I get it!" some of us have. Via Making Light.

Bonus: You have seen this already I'm sure (I've seen it in half a dozen places) but here's the trailer for the film Brokeback to the Future.
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