Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Some sort of Midweek Monkey Business

Music from Brazil department: Bonde do Role (that link's to the Myspace page so it immediately starts playing James Bonde) have finally appeared on my musical horizon; I really wanted a video to Marina Gasolina but Youtube doesn't have the official one and the one fan vid is rubbish, so here's the link to Office Boy and it's 80's-style video.

As Xander said when both Buffy and Willow turned him down for the Homecoming dance "I'm going to listen to country music - the music of pain." However this Leann Rimes song is kind of bluesy, so maybe that's why it's not too painful; Nothin' better to do.

More than a month ago BeaucoupKevin did a series of Batman-the-TV-Series pictures with Batman: The Dark Knight Returns captions. It's here.

(If you don't know what this is about, well TV Batman was very camp, and Dark Knight (written by Frank Miller of Sin City and 300 fame) was very gritty. Bonus: Dark Knight captions to Classic Trek stills)

Once upon a time A A Milne was well known as a playwright (and later was well known as a critic of P G Wodehouse) and he wrote a detective novel. Sadly his novel was chosen by Raymond Chandler to demonstrate the implausibility of most detective fiction in his 1944 essay The Simple Act of Murder. Don't read the essay if you want to simply enjoy detective fiction without wondering about the holes; do read it if you want to know how to construct actual mysteries. Then marvel at how people in the entertainment industry continue to ignore these lessons.

I'm short on time and links, so I'll simply finish with a monkey video. Except I've mistyped it as "Mockney".
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