Saturday, November 10, 2007

Saturday Six

The internet was not my friend yesterday, so in place of Friday Five, I proudly present Saturday Six.

Song: Momento, Bebel Gilberto. It seems to be Brazilian music week on Night of the Hats, Rather than the salsa-frenzy of Bonde do Role I pointed at on Wednesday, here's the dreamy voice of Bebel Gilberto, which I can listen to for hours, and often do.

Book: The Dark Heart of Italy, Tobias Jones. Italy is a weird place. It's a secular republic that dances to the tune of the Catholic church. The civil war between the Fascists and the Partisans was never resolved, leading to bombing campaigns which continue to this day, and no one is ever held responsible for them. Plus insane bureaucracy (2 weeks per person per year for 25 visits to various offices on average), insane football, insane corruption... Anyway, the point is Jones talks about all this, but never loses his sense of humour or affection for the country.

Film: Vampirella. Jim I'm sure will be pleased to learn of the existence of this film. I had to go to bed before it finished, but was struck by a curious parallel; Vampirella, last daughter of the dying planet Drakulon comes to Earth, as do several Drakulonian criminals - Superman II anyone?

Food: Rissoles, or as I called them, lambcakes. I didn't follow the Griff Rhys Jones recipe linked to exactly as I was using things up, but you get the idea.

Wild Card: Kate Beaton draws comics. Also she lives with Law Students.

Bonus: Uh oh. Out of ideas. Fortunately BeaucoupKevin has pointed out this game: Bobteds.
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