Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Midweek Monkey Business Late Version

Late, internet stupid, blah, blah blah. So do I have anything of interest? Well, there's the video of the Mark Ronson (featuring Amy Winehouse) version of the Zuton's Valerie, here as much for it's interest as the story; allegedly Mark Ronson, his band and a whole bunch of extras turned up for the video shoot, but Amy Winehouse didn't. So Ronson[1], building up the legend of his competence, suggested bringing a bunch of the extras on stage to fill in. The rest is down the link, along with all the usual stupid Youtube questions and comments.

An old song or two I stumbled on this week: Wax, Building A Bridge To Your Heart; and Jim's least favourite band, Men Without Hats, with Safety Dance.

Also, Mark Ronson again with his version of the Kaiser Chief's Oh My God featuring Lily Allen. It seems that Ronson, a whole bunch of extras and the Kaiser chiefs had turned up, but... no wait, that was another time Lily Allen didn't turn up to perform at a Mark Ronson gig. The cartoon version was supposed to be there all along.

So World News - the world's largest Elk is to be built in Sweden; so large it will have a restaurant, concert hall and conference centre inside it. Also the world's toughest No Parking sign.

Solar System News - On October 24 the Sun was no longer the largest object in the solar system; Comet Holmes appears to have exploded in size and brightness.

Finally, from the National Geographic, a picture of Stan a spider monkey.

[1] Or possibly an unnamed member of the production team
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