Monday, November 19, 2007

In case you wanted something from me

I'm taking this week off from Midweek Monkey Business (and last week from Friday Five); assuming I don't go crazy and start throwing out blogposts everywhere, this week I'll only (sort of) address one question: "What is your blog about?"

Here's what the labels say the blog is about (labels are patchy before January this year):

Friday Five (17)
Midweek Monkey Business (16)

- (Regular Posts)

Recipes (15)

- (Me and every other blog)

Trip North (12)

- (Special Event now over)

Ravenswood (8)

- (Ah! It's about my fiction!)

New Words (7)

- (... and my love of New Words)

Blogging (5)
Fish (5)
Neil has gone bonkers (again) (5)

- (Those three go together well - how fortuitous!)

Beer (4)

- (Ah! it's about my love of beer!)

Coq Au Trice (4)

- (... and my love of stuffing birds inside each other)

Dreams (4)

- (That series seems to have died for the moment)

Facebook (4)

- (Hmmph. Self-recursive.)

Harry Potter (4)

- (Me and every other blog)

High Days and Holidays (4)

- (Well now we're getting somewhere - it's also about dates and special days)

Hats (4)

- (See also the title)

The Princess Bride (4)

- (Do I really like this film that much?)

Pirates (4)

- (Ah - it's about my hatred for pirates!)

Heating (3)

- (Hopefully this label will be retired tomorrow)

K T Tunstall (3)
Pop Music (3)

- (Another fortuitous combination)

Stan (3)

- (Grr... Stan)

Tarot (3)

- (Another series in hibernation)

Too Honest (3)

- (Surprisingly "avoiding the question" isn't a label)

Warren Ellis (3)

- (The Love Swami)
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