Monday, November 19, 2007

In case you wanted something from me

I'm taking this week off from Midweek Monkey Business (and last week from Friday Five); assuming I don't go crazy and start throwing out blogposts everywhere, this week I'll only (sort of) address one question: "What is your blog about?"

Here's what the labels say the blog is about (labels are patchy before January this year):

Friday Five (17)
Midweek Monkey Business (16)

- (Regular Posts)

Recipes (15)

- (Me and every other blog)

Trip North (12)

- (Special Event now over)

Ravenswood (8)

- (Ah! It's about my fiction!)

New Words (7)

- (... and my love of New Words)

Blogging (5)
Fish (5)
Neil has gone bonkers (again) (5)

- (Those three go together well - how fortuitous!)

Beer (4)

- (Ah! it's about my love of beer!)

Coq Au Trice (4)

- (... and my love of stuffing birds inside each other)

Dreams (4)

- (That series seems to have died for the moment)

Facebook (4)

- (Hmmph. Self-recursive.)

Harry Potter (4)

- (Me and every other blog)

High Days and Holidays (4)

- (Well now we're getting somewhere - it's also about dates and special days)

Hats (4)

- (See also the title)

The Princess Bride (4)

- (Do I really like this film that much?)

Pirates (4)

- (Ah - it's about my hatred for pirates!)

Heating (3)

- (Hopefully this label will be retired tomorrow)

K T Tunstall (3)
Pop Music (3)

- (Another fortuitous combination)

Stan (3)

- (Grr... Stan)

Tarot (3)

- (Another series in hibernation)

Too Honest (3)

- (Surprisingly "avoiding the question" isn't a label)

Warren Ellis (3)

- (The Love Swami)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...


The festive season is on us.. welll not me as i am with the infidels... and should anyone want to cook the famous coq au trice and put these words into the font of wisdom they get your blog stating that you have talked about coq au trice sometime in the past. Please ensure that if you want to remain the #1 sauce of coq ay trice then you must ensure that the recipe is the first thing that casual observers will find.

Many thanks.

Ms c a trice