Thursday, November 15, 2007

Somewhat after Midweek Monkey Business

The Internet has not been my friend for the last couple of days. But enough of that! Here's a roundup of the best of the rubbish that I've found on the internet this week. In honour of my brother, here's They Might Be Giants with the Tiny Toons video of Istanbul (not Constantinople). The Youtube comments, unsurprisingly, seem keen to refight... hell, there's a thousand years of Turkish/Greek conflict to choose from; let's just say the Battle of Manzikert and leave it like that.

Bicycle Bicycle You are my Bicycle serves as an introduction to the band Be Your Own Pet; in the comments fans are refighting the details of one band member leaving a year ago. Oh Youtube comments, you astound me with your wit and charm.

BeaucoupKevin pulls out the stops for his Genius Covers Sunday series with the Atomic Superboy.

Warren Ellis has redesigned his blog-object for the winter; it's very busy and puts the latest posts from people on his blogroll on the right hand side. It's an interesting design. You could go and have a look, but the content is not for everyone; be warned that it is Not Safe For Work.

I meant to post to this earlier, but it's still interesting; Matthew Vaughn's Week in the Guardian; as it says:
After laughing at Ricky Gervais, the movie director sees his wife get the attention at his film premiere, faces the press with Michelle Pfeiffer and is asked if he can manage to cut a £300m budget in half

Scans_Daily brings us some Wonderwoman Ape action. No, that sounds wrong, especially after one news story Warren Ellis linked to. I mean they bring us some White Gorillas in a Wonderwoman comic. And some innuendo. Is that close enough to monkeys for you?